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DRILLS: description and terminology


1.      Dolphin kick on back. Push off wall on back, arms overhead hands together.

2.      Arms at sides, a lot of hip movement.

3.      One arm; one arm pulls while other arm is held out in front. For rest of lap.

4.      3 R-3 L; Just that. Pull 3 arm strokes with right arm than 3 with left arm.

5.      4 strokes fly , (no breath.) Finish with freestyle.



1.      On back/ arms at side/  kick only/ keeping  knees underwater. Knees should not break the water surface.

2.      Arms streamline out in front. Kick with no pull and head out of water.

3.      On stomach/ hands behind butt/ kick with hands touching heals.

4.      1 pull with one dolphin kick (for rhythm)

5.      3 kicks/ 1 pull with no breath.

6.      Vertical jumps. 1 minute with count/rest/ repeat.



1.      Dolphin off the wall, streamline with both hands together over head while squeezing elbows tightly against ears. 

2.      Arm entry/ 8” to 12” under surface.  Elbow bent at 90 degrees, and finish with palm towards bottom of pool.

3.      Butt up drill. Both hands in small of back/with quick kick.

4.      Shoulder roll. Arms at sides/ with kick/ roll side to side. Head still while rolling each shoulder out.

5.      Toy soldier. Arm way up towards ceiling, and back down. Left arm right arm.

6.      3 Right arm/ 3-Left arm.

7.      6 Beat roll. Left arm pulls with 6 kicks on side.  Repeat on right side.

8.      Swim straight. Eyes closed, swimming to other end.

9.      Paper cup drill. With head still, place cup full on forehead   and swim.



1.      Streamline/ kicking/ arms out front with fast feet. Steady and strong.

2.      Chin on surface/ fast feet. Heals barely break surface.

3.      Hypoxic breathing. Pre determined number of breaths during each lap. Example: 3,3,4,4/ for 100 yard swim.  First lap breathe every 3, second lap every 3, third 4, and fourth 4.

4.      Kicking on side. On left side same arm out in front, kick to opposite end of pool, with right arm down by hip. Return on opposite side.

5.      6 Beat roll. As in back.

6.      One arm pull. Pulling with right arm while left arm is by side. Working on rolling left shoulder out of water.

7.      Catch-up. With each stroke, bring both hands together before pulling. Long strong strokes are the emphasis.