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The annual YMCA summer shutdown for maintenance will be the last two weeks of August.  Information regarding usage of nearby YMCAs during this period is available at the front desk.  Many of our swimmers are getting some open water swimming in by swimming in Mountain Lake in the early morning.   If you are interested in doing some lake swimming this summer contact Pam Banks or Bridget Nastasi.

Lakeland Hills YMCA Masters was represented in the Chesapeake Bay Swim on June 9th this year.  Rendy Banks and Bridget Nastasi completed the 4.4 mile open water swim in the Chesapeake Bay.  The water temperature this year was a chilly 63 degrees, the coldest in the history of the race.  Coach Pam was the official team photographer.  She was even spotted climbing across rocky pilings to get video footage of the race.

New Jersey has many open water ocean swims throughout the summer.  Most of these are 1 mile swims.  Watch the bulletin board at the Y for information or contact Pam Banks or Bridget Nastasi for a complete list of local open water swims.

The Jason E. Nessel Memorial long course swim meet will be held on August 2nd in Rahway and Long Course Nationals are at Rutgers in August.  Information and entry forms for the Jason E. Nessel meet are available on the pool bulletin board and in the current issue of "The Fastlane".


Other Team News:

For those of you who would like to watch the TOTAL IMMERSION - 40 minutes to better swimming videothe masters team now has a copy that can be signed out and taken home.  Anyone interested in borrowing the tape should see Pam about signing it out.  The video will help you learn the most important skills in swimming of balance and drag reduction to swim faster using less effort. The Total Immersion video depicts techniques and emphasizes balance with control while swimming. Total Immersion is the world leader in teaching stroke technique to triathletes, age-group, Masters, and fitness swimmers of all ages and abilities. Total Immersion will completely change the way you move your body through the water. And you can achieve this transformation regardless of your age, strength, physical condition, or level of coordination. How is this possible? Because fast, fluent, effortless swimming depends on how clever you are at working with the water, not on how hard you work at fighting against it. In this remarkable video, you will learn all the secrets of effortless, “fishlike” swimming taught at the famous Total Immersion workshops.
    Here’s why you’ll find the tape so effective:


Please check the team roster page of this site.  If your name has inadvertently been left off we apologize.  E-mail Joe and Bridget Nastasi if your name isn’t on the team roster or if you would like your E-mail address listed beside your name.